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The Importance Of Plastic Mold Design And Mold Designer's Job Responsibilities
May 25, 2018

 A good product from R & D - production - processing - listed, the most important part is the development of new plastic mold design, we can see a variety of sophisticated products in the market, a small lighter, MP3, etc. Large-scale televisions, refrigerators and other daily necessities, these products are sought after by the style of consumers, is nothing more than its unique design, in addition to humanized operating experience, giving people a great deal of life in all aspects The convenience. As we all know, from old TVs, refrigerators, and washing machines to popular mobile phones, voice recorders, and digital cameras, these beautifully-designed and shaped products are all inseparable from mass production. , but also can not be separated from the majority of people are unfamiliar professionals - mold designers.

    "Mold is the basic process equipment for industrial products such as machinery, automobiles, electronics, communications, and home appliances. It belongs to high-tech products and is divided into plastic molds, cold stamping molds, hot forging molds, casting molds, rubber molds, and glass molds." Many people haven't heard of molds and feel unfamiliar. In fact, the molds are on our side, from airplanes to lenses, to eyeglasses, and things that involve molds in everyday life can be seen everywhere.

    "The mold designer is engaged in the digital design of enterprise molds, including cavity molds and cold punching molds. On the basis of the traditional mold design, full use of digital design tools, improve mold design quality, shorten the mold design cycle personnel." According to statistics, At present, there are more than 6 million employees in China's mold industry, of whom 1 in 10 are engaged in mold design, and mold designers can reach more than 600,000.

The work of mold designers mainly includes: “Digital mapping, converting 3D products and mold models into 2D engineering drawings used in conventional machining; digital design of molds, and establishing relevant 3D solid models of molds based on product models and design intents. The digital analysis of the mold simulation, according to the product forming process conditions, the mold parts of the structural analysis, thermal analysis, fatigue analysis and mold movement analysis; product forming process simulation, injection molding, stamping molding; customized for the company's mold design standard parts And standard design process; mold production management."