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The Advantages Of The Rolling Molding Process And The Traditional Blow Moulding And Injection Moulding
Sep 28, 2013

1, cost Advantage: The rolling molding process requires only the strength of the rack to support the material, mold and rack their own weight to prevent material leakage of the closed-die force; and the material in the entire molding process, in addition to the role of natural gravity, almost no external forces, so fully equipped with the machine-tool manufacturing convenience, short cycle, Low cost advantage.

2. Quality advantage. The product quality and structure are more stable due to the absence of internal stress during the whole production process.

3. Flexible and changeable advantages. Rotational molding process Machine mold manufacturing convenience, low price, it is particularly suitable for new product development in many varieties, small batch production.

4, personalized design advantages. Rotational molding process of the product is very easy to change color, and can do hollow (seamless without welding), in the product surface treatment can do pattern, wood, stone and metal effects, to meet the modern social consumer demand for personalized goods.