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Tec-shine 2016 National Day Holiday Notice, 26th Sep. 2016
Sep 25, 2016

All staff:

Decided by the company, the National Day holiday and work arrangements are as follows:

1, due to production needs, the production department to work. Production workers in October 1-4 Day holiday 4 days.

2, administrative personnel National Day holiday time for October 1st (Wednesday) to 7 days (Tuesday) vacation days off, a total of 7 days. September 28th (Sunday), October 11th (Saturday). In addition, the administrative personnel shall be on duty according to the circumstances, shall not affect the normal work.

3, the restaurant during the holiday season to be arranged staff on duty to protect the company's staff on duty.

4, mengang security personnel to do the factory security work during the holiday season.

5, all departments must do a good job before the work of the security check before the holiday, do not use the electrical power supply during the holiday period.

6, each department shall, in the afternoon of September 29th 5:30 before the Department on duty personnel list submitted to the administrative office, but also need to attach the contact person on duty.

Notice is hereby notified.

Shenzhen Tec-shine Thecnology Co.,Ltd.

26th Sep. 2016