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Plastic Mold Ranking Process
May 26, 2018

The process of plastic mold lining is a comprehensive task. You must understand the gluing method, the design and processing of the parting surface, the distribution skill of the thimble, the appearance requirements of the product, and some common defects of the product. Do this.

First, when you receive a product for mold design, the first thing to consider is the location and method of feeding. Into the plastic is also subject to a few holes and the product is not the appearance of the impact. There are also one, there are generally large or strange shape; the best is to out of two, this row method is most suitable for big mouth side into the plastic or diving plastic; followed by a out of four The fourth is to add the two together, but this should take into account the length of the flow path, and the appropriateness can not only save the material but also allow the rubber to go smoothly; one out of sixty-one out of eight, one out of sixteen, etc. can be said to be One out of four evolutions. When designing the flow path, the upper flow path is 25% larger than the lower flow path. In addition, if the product is a part of the appearance of a lot of time can not use large nozzle side glue, it will damage the appearance. At this time, more use of plastic and diving in the thimble. However, diving should be done carefully on the thimble. Sometimes the surface of the product will be flushed.

Second, the design of the parting surface.

The first thing to do when it comes to parting surfaces is to check for underhand problems. When making the parting surface, it is also necessary to consider the structure, strength and feasibility of the structure, and good or bad processing of the parting surface, and the processing capability of the factory. Try to use a flat parting surface with less surface parting surfaces.

Third, you can determine the size of the kernel by making sure that all of the above are OK. At this time, the views required by the product map are all well and must be 1:1. Then make a copy and mirror it and multiply it by the shrinkage of the product.

Next we will use the map mirrored and shrunk to rank. We use one out of two to illustrate that if there is one out of two words, there will be a flow path in the middle of the two products. How can the length of the flow channel be determined? Usually, the distance between the two products is distanced in the center of the embryo. At least the next grin should be placed and the strength of the steel material at the glue location ensured.

If the mouth diameter is 12, there must be at least 30 MM between the two products. Of course, this depends on the size and height of the product. It is best to ensure that the center distance between the two products is an integer. After the center of the two products is settled, the size of the inner mold can be determined. Usually the side of the product is about 30mm away, and some details are adjusted according to the actual situation. The size of the inner mold mainly affects the waterway and the screw of the lock inner mold. The waterway is mainly affected by the size of the product and the distribution of the thimble. The distribution of the thimble is based on the product. These are all done well is to determine the size of the mold, the size of the mold is the size of the internal mold plus 50MM is almost the same, but still have to look at the mold embryo to see the job, this is a principle to abide by, is the internal model The edge of the back-to-back needle must be at least 10mm, and the edge of the ejector pinboard must be plus or minus 5mm.

Fourth, all the sizes are determined. The next step is the detailed work, perfecting the molds, and exhausting the internal molds. ”