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Mold Parts Classification
May 25, 2018

 Plastic mold accessories:

Division tube, ejector pin, washer, tube, positioning bead, resin shutter, date stamp, lock, buckle, limit clamp, secondary ejection, reset mechanism, mold counter, auxiliary device, positioning parts, cooling parts, Ball Bushing, Guide Post Bushing, Inclined Roof, Air Cap, Positioning Bead, Resin Switch, Date Stamp, Locking Buckle, Limit Clip, Secondary Exit, Reset Mechanism, Mold Counter, Auxiliary, Positioning Parts , Cooling Parts, Ball Bushings, Guide Bushings, Inclined Roof Devices, Gas Tops, etc.;

Hardware mold accessories:

Punch, die, unloading into the child, pins, guide posts, guide sleeves, guide pins and so on.

Stamping mold accessories:

Punches (Punch), Pilot Punches, Punching Guide Bushings, Female Dies, Profiled Punches, Profiled Dies, Tungsten Steel Punches, Tungsten Steel Dies, Shaped Tungsten Steel Punches, Carbide Square Punches, Forming and processing punch die, shaped punch and die, punch die fixing block, ball locking punch and die, stripper guide post & guide bush, ball bushing, guide post for guide and guide Sets, independent pillar assemblies, die guide parts, self-lubricating slides, material guides, related parts for top materials, wedges and related parts, hooks, mold storage parts, parts for inspection jigs, die coil springs, nitrogen gas springs, polyurethanes Spring and so on.


Divided from the process, it can be divided into standard series and non-standard series:

The standard series of more commonly used are: standard parts thimble, division tube, side lock, limit clip, etc. are commonly used as standard parts, according to the figure processing size is non-standard parts, like thimble, division tube, edge Locks, limit clips, locks, locking pins, positioning posts, positioning pins, punch pins, punches, etc. are standard and non-standard. Non-standard parts mainly include mascara upper and lower covers, front and rear mold cores, syringe cores, and syringes. Core, medicine packaging bottle cap screw thread, precision photoelectric shaft, worm gear, sprocket wheel, precision copper gear, screw electrode, pen model core, cosmetic parts, precision entry, precision gear rack, precision round tip , Mold pins, molding inserts, beryllium copper cores, beryllium copper bushings and SKH51 / SKD61 series of tube thimble cosmetic packaging mold parts and so on.