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Mold Design Related Software
Feb 25, 2008

Mold Planner is an efficient and consultant-assisted mold design software. It is a two times development software developed by Nippon Electric International Information Service Co., Ltd. based on UG (NX) platform. In China by its subsidiary Shanghai Electric Information Service Co., Ltd. General agent.

Moldplanner can solve the problem of mold design?

First of all, through the mold design consultant function, provide automatic split-mode, provide to the thimble layout design,

The consultant function of cooling layout design solves the lack of experience in mold design and

Problems caused by poor design quality.

Second, by automating placement of thimble, cooling parts, automatic drawing, Report function,

Reduce the mold design of a large number of simple boring working time, greatly improve the work efficiency.

Finally, by registering the standard part library, standard formwork library, by registering the enterprise's own part library,

Mold base, the realization of the mold design standardization, to solve the mold designers because of the technical

The level of uneven, turnover rate of the mold design of the negative impact of the subject.

Pro/engineer Continuous die design expert

Rapid design of continuous die

The best results can be achieved by using customized solutions to develop continuous die moulds. With Pro/engineer continuous die software, Easy-to-use Wizards guide users through the automatic layout of the steel strip, the creation of punch molds, and the placement and modification of die components. Documents, Gap cuts, and drilling holes are automatically created so that the stencil designer can avoid manual error-prone tasks.

Features and advantages

Process-oriented workflow automates the design and refinement of continuous stamping dies, which speeds up production.

Includes large tooling assemblies and fastener libraries to speed up detailed design

Speed up and identify features to facilitate segmented processing

Improved design flexibility even allows new stages to be added after creating a stencil

Increase efficiency by automating repetitive tasks, such as creating gap cuts