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List The Technology Of Mold Manufacturing And Processing
May 18, 2018

    One and five axis gun drilling

    Five-axis gun drilling machine tools have made it possible to obtain good economical efficiency by eliminating many complicated fixtures.

The molds used in car bumpers, car dashboards, and other plastic parts rely on fast and effective cooling to achieve a competitive production cycle.

When only a gun drill machine with a fixed table and a fixed spindle is used, the mold designer has two ways to increase the cooling rate of the large mold. One of the methods is to add a straight water line through the mold frame.

    Another method is to drill a water line with a compound angle so that the pipe is closer to the surface of the cavity. The first method means significantly increasing the time spent on gun drilling.

     The second method does not necessarily mean a longer drilling time, but it greatly increases the settling time because the mold parts must be manually positioned for each required angle. The setup time for each process is usually much longer than the drilling time

     Second, parallel processing

     Parallel processing plays one of the most important technologies in mold manufacturing and processing.

      Because their working ranges are correspondingly smaller, smaller machine tools tend to have higher accuracy. Due to the small mass of moving axes, smaller machines can achieve higher acceleration and deceleration (acc/dec) for contour cutting. A higher acc/dec rate can significantly reduce the overall processing time - because of the higher acc/dec, processing usually takes 20 hours to complete within 15 hours. On smaller machines, tool change problems can be handled very easily. For example, a finishing tool can be used to finish a mold part without changing the cutting edge.