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Introduction Of Mold Design
Oct 10, 2006

Die design refers to the digital design of the mold, including the cavity mold and die, in the traditional mold design, the full application of digital design tools, improve the quality of mold design, shorten the mold design cycle of personnel.

Mold, is a specific structure in a certain way to shape the material of an industrial product, but also in batches to produce a certain shape and size requirements of industrial product components of a production tool. Large to aircraft, cars, small to cups, nails, almost all industrial products must rely on mold molding. The high-precision, high consistency and high productivity of the production parts with moulds are unmatched by any other processing method. Mold to a large extent determines the product quality, efficiency and new product development capabilities. So the mold has the "mother of Industry" honorary title.

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