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Innovative Design Requirements For Plastic Packaging Provide New Heading For Injection Molds
Jun 11, 2018

The core message: China is a world leader in packaging manufacturing and consumption. The proportion of plastic packaging in the total output value of the packaging industry has exceeded 30%. It has become a force in the packaging industry and plays an irreplaceable role in various fields such as food, beverages, daily necessities, and industrial and agricultural production. The role. The packaging and packaging materials of the plastic packaging industry grew steadily, and new packaging materials, new processes, new technologies, and new products continued to emerge. Plastic packaging is an important part of the plastics industry. It should increase the innovation and research and development of the plastic packaging industry, reflecting the industrial policies of plastic packaging materials, the key development of product areas and technical areas, and development direction.


     Product lightweight design


    A large part of the cost of packaging products is on raw materials. Assuming that the cost of other production factors cannot be reduced, reducing the amount of raw materials used can effectively save production costs. For this reason, mold companies are obliged to help customers to reduce costs by adopting Reasonable realization of production capacity and efficiency.


    Taking a cap as an example, we have succeeded in reducing the weight of the 3025 cap to less than 1.8g by changing the wall thickness of the cap, fine adjustment of the shape of the clip, etc., and verifying it repeatedly on the mold. 2925 bottle cap can reach 1.2g, 38mm water cap can be less than 2g.


    Innovative design requirements for plastic packaging provide new heading for injection molds


Innovative design requirements for plastic packaging provide new heading for injection molds


    Shorten product molding cycle


    Under the basic premise of ensuring the appearance, size, and function of the product, the shorter molding cycle is always the goal that the mold factory tirelessly strives to pursue. The main ideas for shortening the product molding cycle are as follows:


    According to the parts and product shape, rationally design the way of the arrangement of the mould waterway to ensure the uniformity of the cooling of each cavity product.


    As close as possible to the product shape, the cooling water circuit of the mold is designed (with shape cooling), and if necessary, the mold is manufactured using 3D printing technology to ensure that the product cools sufficiently and quickly.


    Reasonably choose the mold kernel material to ensure the parts cool quickly. The part of the top surface of the part that is in contact with the product is usually the hot runner inlet position. The mold is designed in the form of an insert and is made of a special material to make the cooling effect better and to improve the stability of the product size.


    Adjustable product thickness design


    For products with a torn structure, such as flavoring caps, xylitol chewing gum lids, etc., the wall thickness at the tearing site itself is very thin, and the functional requirements are extremely high (when considering consumers tearing Touch and strength, but also consider the sealing performance of the tear ring itself, too thin may damage the tightness of the cap, and too thick may affect consumer experience). The output of such fast-moving consumer goods is huge, and the requirement for the life of the die is high. Generally, millions or even ten million die are required. The mold has inevitable natural wear during the production process, and it is necessary to maintain the tearing function of the pull ring product consistently. Therefore, we have specially developed an innovative mold design that can adapt to the injection molding plant in the production process according to the nature of the mold. Wear conditions to adjust the mold height, so as to achieve product thickness adjustment, to ensure product quality is stable and reliable.


    Intelligent mold design


    Reducing labor costs is a major means for modern companies to reduce costs, and reducing the post-processing of injection molding products is particularly important. Such as the mold structure with the manipulator for the product of the mold cover, in-mold folding, in-mold labeling, in-mold cutting ring to achieve unmanned operation, continuous production, which is the inevitable trend of modern enterprise development. Here, the author focuses on the most widely used in-mold folding and in-mold closure technologies in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical packaging and daily chemical industries:


    In-mold folding: In the past, products of this kind of anti-folding structure, after being taken out from the mold, the folded edge of the product is in the form of a bell-shaped opening, and it needs to be folded by a special bending machine or artificial tooling, which has low efficiency and high cost. . After optimization of the mold design structure, after the product is ejected from the mold, the in-mold fold is realized, and no subsequent auxiliary process is required, which is high in efficiency, low in cost, increased in safety, and achieved in-mold disassembly.


    In-mold cover: By adding a combination cover manipulator outside the mold, the automatic cover action of the flip-type products is completed, the mechanism is simple and stable, and the automation level is greatly improved, the manpower is saved, and the economic benefit is improved.


    From the high ground level, a set of precision multi-cavity injection molds are constructed from a myriad of details. This detail is just about every part. Each structure and detail feature size can be used to explain the truth. It incorporates the designer's entire thinking and sets high standards for processing equipment and personnel for each process's process management. To be a supplier of precision multi-cavity injection molds, we must continue to inject new ideas and new ideas to adapt to the ever-changing market demands, and also require our mold R&D team to participate in the customer's product design and stand From the perspective of customers and consumers, we pay attention to design and jointly solve the various problems that may be faced in the process of product production with the molding factories, and ultimately achieve a win-win result.