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Injection Mold Processing Flow And Injection Mold Processing Design Program
Jul 19, 2018

Core Tip: Injection Mold Processing Process and Injection Mold Processing Design Program

         First, the injection mold processing process: injection mold processing and opening: front mold material, rear mold material, insert material, row material, injection molding oblique topping; injection mold processing open frame: front mold frame, rear mold Box; injection mold processing factory; injection mold processing open: front mold cavity open, rear mold cavity open, split mold line open; injection mold processing copper: front mold copper injection mold material public, rear mold copper Public and split mold line clear angle copper public; injection mold processing line cutting: insert parting line, copper male, oblique top pillow position; injection mold processing computer : injection mold fine mold line, fine mold core Injection mold processing EDM: front mold rough, copper male, male mold line clear angle, rear mold bone position, pillow position injection talent network; drilling, pinhole, thimble; injection mold processing position, row position pressure; Inclined top thimble, injection mold processing factory with thimble; injection mold processing other: 1 Tsui, code die pit, garbage nail (limit nail); 2 flying mode; 3 nozzle, support, spring, injection mold.

      Second, the design process of injection mold processing injection mold processing on plastic products and physical (real sample) analysis and digestion: A, injection mold processing products injection molding technology geometry; B, injection mold processing size, tolerance and design Benchmark; C, technical requirements for injection mold processing; D, plastic name for injection mold processing, grade & nbs visit injection workshop p; injection molding robot for injection mold processing E, injection mold processing surface required number of cavities and cavity arrangement :A, the weight of the product processed by the injection mold and the injection volume of the injection machine; B, the projected area of the product and the clamping force of the injection machine; C, the mold size of the injection mold processing and the effective area of the injection mold installation mold, injection molding Molding machine (or spacing inside the injection rod) D, product precision and color processed by injection mold; enhanced pa9t injection temperature; Baoyuan injection molding machine E, injection mold processing products with or without side shaft core and its treatment method; F, injection molding The production volume of the products processed by the mold; G, the economic benefit of the injection mold processing (the production value per mold), after the number of cavities is determined, the cavities are arranged The injection molding mold processing process chamber is arranged in position, the cavity arrangement involves the mold size, the injection mold processing technology is designed, the pouring system is balanced, the core pulling (sliding Husky injection molding ehs block) mechanism design, setting The design of the parts and cores, the design of the heat exchange system, these problems are related to the selection of the two-color injection molding of the parting surface and the gate position, so in the specific design process, necessary adjustments should be made to achieve a more perfect design. .