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Industrial Structure Analysis Of Mould Industry
Aug 29, 2014

According to the current domestic and international development situation, it is time to put the "scale effect" on the agenda. International has a lot of output value of more than 100 million U.S. dollars hot runner Mold enterprises, the largest hot runner mold enterprise has developed into a multinational group, its annual turnover of up to 4 billion U.S. dollars (including Hot runner mold and hot runner mold related products). Domestic already has a batch of annual output value more than 100 million yuan enterprise. These enterprises play an important role in promoting the development of hot runner mold industry. The "Eleven-Five" period should focus on development, with the support of the State, selective focus on the cultivation of a group of "leading enterprises." To this end, we hope to include a small number of hot runner mold key projects in the national plan, and become a national special, and the implementation of its policy tilt.

It is suggested that Japan should draw on the experience of the formulation and implementation of several revitalization measures (early) in the last century, and formulate our laws and regulations for the hot runner mould industry in China. In line with the newly enacted laws and regulations, the government intervention and economic support policy, the corresponding policy measures, in the form of legislation in the financial, tax, technical transformation and other aspects of support.

In view of the high net value added rate of hot runner mould products, the value-added tax burden of hot runner mould enterprise is 1 time times higher than that of other industries in the machinery industry, so it is suggested to reduce the VAT burden of hot runner mold enterprises, or to continue to carry out the first levy and return policy, or to reduce VAT

Encourage investment in the development of hot runner molds. For example, investment in hot runner mold plant construction funds can offset the corporate income tax; to the hot runner mold enterprises to introduce key equipment and the production of hot runner mold required for raw materials and spare parts to introduce tax exemptions to encourage the introduction of High-tech and its products.

The current hot runner mold industry structure is unreasonable. Mainly manifested in the enterprise organization structure, product structure, technical structure and import and export structure and so on. The "Eleven-Five" period should be guided by relevant policies and take positive measures to rationalize them. For example, to encourage specialization, commercialization of production, to encourage large-scale, sophisticated, complex, long life hot runner mold and hot runner mold standard parts production, to encourage the separation of main and auxiliary, so that hot runner mold production from the subsidiary to independence.