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How To Shorten The Injection Cycle
May 15, 2012

In this increasingly competitive business society, improving productivity is a matter of great concern. This paper describes several ways to improve the injection cycle by using existing or newly designed injection moulding machines or moulds. Injection cycle The injection cycle of an oil-pressure-driven injection moulding machine refers to the start of the closing mode to the next closing mode. The mold is generally divided into four sections: Quick closing mode, slow closing mode, low pressure protection mode and high pressure clamping mode. The injection begins after the high pressure locking mode is completed and is divided into several segments. Melt plastic filler cavity during injection. When the cavity is filled and the pressure rises, the end of the injection is also called the extrusion segment (packing phase). When the control is not appropriate, the finished product will produce burrs. The pressure is to begin after the injection is complete. 

In fact, the cooling is from the mold cavity filled with the beginning, that is, from the pressure to start. When the mould cools, the finished product shrinks in cold. The role of holding pressure is not solidified through the cold runner, in general below the injection pressure pressure, filling shrinkage formed by the depression, so that when the finished product demoulding full (no dent). When the flow road is solidified, the pressure-preserving is meaningless and the pressure-holding can be terminated. The pressure-holding can be divided into several sections, each section of the pressure-retaining pressures are different (generally descending by paragraph), divided by time. The total pressure-holding time is determined by the weight of the finished product or no dent in the finished product. From the short time to start adjusting the pressure, each injection will add a little time to keep the pressure, until the finished product weight no longer increase or produce a dent acceptable, the time will not increase the pressure.