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How To Determine The Parting Line In The Mold Manufacturing Process?
May 11, 2018

  Parting line, also known as parting line, mainly depends on the design requirements and appearance requirements of the product, but also considers whether the processing is feasible and the position of the lined up rubber. In any case, the plastic product will have more obvious parting line marks, and on the other hand, looking at the parting line will be able to know the structure of the mold. The following dragon resources for everyone to say how to determine the split line:

Parting line determination

Before designing the parting surface, it is first necessary to determine the shape and position of the parting line on the part. When the mold opening direction is determined, it is easier to determine the parting line. Because the projection of the parting line in the mold opening direction coincides with the outer outline of the projection of the plastic part in this direction, it is possible to use a straight line parallel to the mold opening direction to move along the outer outline of the object projection, and to obtain The intersection of the line at each location with the surface of the object.

(1) If the line intersects the surface of the object at a point, the point is the point on the parting line.

(2) The line intersects with the surface of the object in a straight line segment. Any point on this line segment can be used as a point on the parting line. It is specifically determined which point is used as a point on the parting line, generally with its neighbors. The shortest point of connection is the principle. It can also be determined interactively.

(3) The intersection of a straight line and an object in a multi-point, multi-segment straight line segment indicates that the intersection between the global approach cone and the mold opening direction is 0. Therefore, the area is designed to pull the core. The split line should be determined according to the shape and size of the core. .