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Development Trend Of Mould Manufacturing
May 23, 2010

In recent years, China's mold manufacturing level has been greatly improved. China's plastic mold rapid growth, the proportion of continuous improvement. In recent years, China's plastic mold rapid development.

Plastic mold in the entire mold industry accounted for about 30% of the proportion in the mold import and export ratio as high as 50~70%. With the development of China's machinery, automotive, home appliances, electronic information and 2006, 2008 the same period of plastic rubber mold imports and exports of the proportion of the annual increase.

It is understood that the manufacture of an ordinary car about 200 pieces of interior mold, and manufacturing bumper, dashboard, fuel tank, steering wheel, etc. required for large and medium-sized plastic molds only about 50% can be satisfied. And a large number of plastic materials to replace the traditional materials has become a trend, the 2010 National plastic Doors and windows and plastic pipe penetration will reach 30%~50%, plastic drainage pipe market share will exceed 50%, these will greatly increase the demand for molds. According to experts predict that the overall trend of the mold market is smooth upward, in the future of the mold market, the development of plastic mold will be higher than other molds, in the mold industry will gradually increase the proportion.