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Company 2017 Tomb-sweeping Day Holiday Arrangements - TS Mold
Mar 28, 2017

All staff:


Tomb-sweeping Day is approaching, according to The general office of the State Council announced the 2017 holiday arrangements, combined with the actual situation of the company, is now on the 2017 Tomb-sweeping Day holiday arrangements are notified as follows:

April 4th (Tuesday) to April 6th (Thurday), a total of 3 days. April 7th (Firday) to work properly. Please all departments to organize a good false security check, and do a good job of fire prevention, security investigation.


During the Ching Ming weather changes, please pay attention to weather changes and safe travel.


Notice is hereby notified!


                          Human Resource Dep.

                          TS Mold

                          28th Mar. 2016